My name is Elliot Vernon and I am a professional touring musician, photographer/videographer, and graphic designer living in Hull, England.

Born in 1990, I grew up in Kingston Upon Hull in Yorkshire, England and played several musical instruments from a young age. I studied at Hull College, graduating in 2011 with a degree in Music Production.

As the keyboard player of 'pirate metal' band Alestorm, since 2011 I have been lucky enough to travel the world, perform in many iconic venues, and meet thousands of fans. I am a proud player of Korg keyboards, and currently my stage keyboard is a customised Korg Kross 61.
Hey Korg, give me free stuff please!
As a photographer and videographer my work includes documentary and "making-of" content for bands, candid and promotional shots, and landscape and travel photography.
My graphic design work includes web design and development, logo and branding design, poster & flyer design, and photo editing & compositing, and 3D model design & animation.


A further selection of my music is available at elliotvernon.bandcamp.com



A selection of photography can be seen at elliosis.tumblr.com/tagged/photography
You can reach me at the following social media pages:


Alternatively, email me at me@elliosis.com