• Fed up with multi-gigabyte orchestral libraries and convoluted subtractive synthesis plugins?

• Are you playing live keyboards with a laptop and a MIDI controller, and find your sounds just get lost under the guitars and take a long time to load?

• Just looking for some punchy keyboard sounds that simply drop into a mix* and cut through?

Then look no further!

* do learn to mix though

The Alestorm Kontakt Library is a small selection of keyboard sounds, sampled from the Korg Triton Rack and Korg Kross (which I use live on stage with Alestorm), for use within Native Instruments' Kontakt plugin or their free Kontakt 5 Player.

These sounds are intentionally bright, punchy, and dynamically consistent, and are designed to cut through a dense metal mix making them perfect for folk/power metal. While not as realistic and varied as most huge sample libraries, they are instead intended to sound like a keyboard player playing a real keyboard.

Each of the sounds has been built by me from scratch inside the Triton or Kross, but as the samples technically belong to Korg, I am unable to sell this collection for any money. However, if you use these sounds and would like to show your appreciation for my work, a small PayPal donation of 5 or 10 € (or whatever you choose) would be great!

Download The Alestorm Kontakt Library.zip

1. Download the .zip file above and extract it to a location on your computer.
2. In the Libraries tab of Kontakt, click the Add Library button and navigate to the "Alestorm Keyboard Sounds" folder you just extracted.
3. Done!

Sound examples:

User interface: